Dancer, performer, visual artist and choreographer, her work is an eclectic mix of mediums and versatile movement.


Her travels aloud her to open her perspectives and get to know multiple artistic and social cultures that were inspiring. International collaborations experimented her vision of art in places such Switzerland, US, UK, Germany and italy. She attended the Villa Arson (Nice, FR) and got graduated in Visual Arts Bachelor from the ECAL school in Lausanne (2012) and Master studies in Scenic Art Practices at HKB in Berne (2014).


Video, sound and drawings are her essentially her principal mediums in fine arts. Then, performances are the place to mix the platforms and combine the chosen technics.

The fabulous mechanism of body movements is what animate her researches. The body as a laboratory of experimentation, work in progress and meeting with people from other disciplines and backgrounds.

She has exhibited and performed in different Festivals, mainly in Switzerland (Skilt Festival 2011, 2012, 2013); Italy (Festival Racconti Di Altre Danze, Livorno) and France (Plateformes Chorégraphiques, Paris).

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