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A visual and sound choregraphed performance presented by "Le Logoscope"


Played on the 1st of June 2015 in the Théâtre des Variétés in Monaco, "Obsolescere" is a sharing between 2 dancers (Collectif Exceedance), a visual artist and a sound designer. 


Planned obsolescence is the name given to all the techniques which may shorten the lifetime or use of a product in order to increase its replacement rate.

This programmed death is giving up any kind of maintenance, attention payed by the consumer to the product intrinsic value.  Its creating a society perverse effect, the need to consume in short terms - a sort of timed dependence.

How our bodies are reacting to the object’s diminished value before its natural material wear?

Obsolescere is seeking, through a programmed decibel decay, to question a time which is speeding up. Busting bodies, they are going through this frantic race against time.


They are breaking up, splitting up in a confusion both gestural and visual which plunge the movement into degeneration. Single-use disposable, disconnected knowledge, bodies and minds are mutating into wretched waste matter, disposable worthless. The countdown has started ... 


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