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Chiara Taviani / Emma Terno

Nice - December 2017/ March 2018


Selected for 

Festival Racconti di Altre Danze, Livorno - April 2018

Plateformes chorégraphiques, Paris - January 2019

a solo piece

lenght : 12mn


"En haut des cimes on se rend compte que la neige, le ciel et l'or ont la même valeur" Boris Vian

Yodel is a piece of physical theater and dance that tells a young ascent to a moment of emancipation.
A mountain climb destined to reveal decisive choices and an unknown personality. A long reflection on a deep solitude and a paradoxical dialogue with oneself. The loss of meaning in an imagined nature.

The prolongation of a moment's passage, the dilation of a recurring thought. The misunderstanding of everything, faced to an invisible obstacle.
Walk with heavy legs and scratched knees looking for the idyllic answer of an evanescent God.
Alpine transcendence where the body is the mirror of the ravaged landscape. 

Yodel is a singing technique that allows you to quickly move from a voice of chest (of body) to a voice of head (falsetto). A passage of mastery which brings a total liberation of the voice, a spatial extension of the physical body.

The Yodel is a solitary technique, the daughter of a group movement and an Alpine tradition. She has strong resemblances with sacred songs although she claims to be a voice of people, shepherd. A human and supernatural voice at a time.

In 2019, Yodel goes on a new perspective through a video project. 

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