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Master Project HKB  -  2013 / 2014

Performed September 6th & 7th 2014 - Bern

How does an object define your daily behaviour ? How does our body adapt itself to the technologie, opening to a new chimera body ?

How to keep the authenticity in movement you produce on stage ?


This project was settled on thos 3 questions. The first point was to define which object could be used, mixed with ready-made (crafted) objects. 

The defined, already existing, objects were taken through a fix path in town. The performers had to transport it from a point A to a point B, and feel the resonance in their body after the task.


Then, those patterns were drawn on the theater floor to build a dramaturgical space for the piece.

In the piece, each performer begin with a technological verb (such as to click, to scrowl) and use it through movement until their body deviate from its original movement. To underline their body adjustment to new behaviour, they continue with the crafted objects. Nevertheless, they have a same little piece of choreography to unify them in the piece.


As I wanted to have the performers at the same level "value" as the objects and the music, I asked a basoonist to use her basoon as an uncommon object for her. 

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