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Emma Terno

January - June 2018


Mixed music for electroacoustic and cello

lenght : 4'50''


Uppercut was recorded with the idea of founding a balance between electroacoustic and instrumental music.

The title highlight the dynamic in space and how the cello body react through the vibration of the space sound.

The piece was played live for the 1st time on the 25th of June 2018 in Monaco, performed by Frederic Audibert (Cello) and Emma Terno (electroacoustic spacing)

In 2019, Uppercut was selected for the DEM students (musical diploma) at the Academie Rainier III, Monaco.

The pièce was rewarded by the 2nd prize at the IEMC Contest (China) in 2020.



November 2020


"Introspection" received the Electronic Music 2nd prize (Huaxing Award) at IEMC (International Electronic Music Competition) in China.

You can listen to the piece below :

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